Need advice / encouragement on homeschooling?     

Homeschooling can be a daunting task that may require some clarification before diving into the adventure; that is where I found myself when I wanted to homeschool. I needed advice for my children's educational needs, and I'm sure you'd like some personalized, professional advice.

Did you enjoy spending time with them when they were learning to crawl, walk, speak, potty train, run, ride a bike, etc.?

Do you love spending  general time with your kids?

Do you love teaching them new things?

Do you like seeing their eyes light up when they understand something new?

Do you want to influence your children to become great citizens and have morals / values similar to your own?

Homeschooling may be for YOUR family!


DISCLAIMER: It is the parent's responsibility to know the WV or other state's laws regarding homeschooling and what is required of them.  

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Personal Summary:

I am a former public school teacher and private school teacher who now home educates my four children:  15, 10, 10, & 8.

I am an educational consultant who is in favor of homeschooling and will work with you to meet the individual needs of your children. 

I also home educate other children in my home; contact me to find out about current openings.  

I have experience with ADHD, gifted, and foster/adopted children.

Looking for specific information on portfolio evaluations?  Check out my other website dedicated to home school portfolio assessments:

Just a Few Reasons to Home Educate:

You can teach what you (or toward your children's interests) think is important (i.e. Bible) and teach subjects in what order you want to teach.  (Math proficiency or "mastery" can actually take place before moving on to a new math topic every 2-3 days.)

LOW "Student to Teacher Ratio" which anyone will agree is beneficial!
100% parental involvement in all 'school' activities.

Children are free to learn at their own pace (great for gifted and for struggling students).

Children will  continue to love learning instead of having it driven out of them by peers and a 'teaching to a test' mentality.

Family is more of an influencing element than peers are.  You can more easily control your child's peer group.  You can join a co-op or support group for organized 'socialization'.

You can avoid bullying & even innocent childhood teasing, which can't be good for the learning environment. AND which, by the way, your child may never admit is going on.

You can train your child for God's kingdom.  You can protect the little lambs instead of throwing them to the wolves (society - which includes government run schools).  Children are not ready to face the hard realities of secularism; it is a parent's job to prepare them and teach them scripture (See Deuteronomy). 

Homeschooling affords parents to teach utilizing their child's specific learning style while training them to learn other teaching styles successfully.

You get to spend time with your precious children; parents only have a few years with them...  I don't want them with strangers all day!  

I WANT them with me.

And many more reasons....